challenge was a new telco in Singapore which is virtually unknown by the public. I was tasked to create a campaign that has the potential to convert people to embrace and it's new data offering.
With the 4th major telco looming on peoples' minds, we use the opportunity to create our own fake telco. With it's ridiculous offers, we hijack the fake campaign and reveal the new data telco hero,
case study
This campaign won Silver in the APAC Effie's David vs Goliath Category. It also bagged Mumbrella Asia's Campaign of the Year and Most Effective Campaign award.
the fake telco campaign
With the 4th Telco looming on peoples' minds, I thought the best way to initiate the campaign was to create a bogus telco company which has all the bells and whistles of your typical telco in Singapore. We call it SGMOBILE making Singaporeans believe that it might just be the 4th big telco coming to Singapore. We went full throttle with your typical telco website, Facebook page, Instagrams and even Out of Home prints. This got the public buzzing with curiosity and appalled by it's offerings.
the hijack
We then vandalise these outdoor installations with messages from the public's outcry for a cheaper telco. We collaborated with influencers Youtiao666 to be our vandals and the response was overwhelming
the reveal
The final phase takes place a few days after the hijack. All the different media spaces are then replaced with the Circles.Life artworks promoting 20GB for $20, the cheapest data offering by a telco in Singapore.
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