Create a digital led ecosystem extending from the main brand campaign showcasing the new plans M1 has to offer to its consumers. 
While the brand campaign focusses on the unique aspects of the profiles, this series delves deeper into who they are, beyond what they are known for. And how M1 can be an extension to who they truly are.  
Videos showcasing the profiles interacting with the Bespoke plans became a series where they were used in multiple online platforms. Scenarios were created  to demonstrate M1’s belief in empowering customers to be their true self, supported by a brand that fits every need.
Jian Yang - Bespoke Flexi
Kate Yeo - Bespoke Flexi
Mary Ho - IDD Saver 
Mohd Shariff - Data Passport
Tan Wei Tian - 5G Booster pack
Malik Mazlan - Data
Lilith Siow - Bespoke Sim-Only
Surendran - Data
Staying true to the graphic interface of M1, we give the viewers a glimpse of the versatility the new plans has to offer. The graphics will correspond to the different narrative of the videos.
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