Dentsu was tasked to create a rebrand campaign that supports M1's new brand promise of Made to Measure.
A toast to everyday people who are living their true self. This spirit is encapsulated into just 2 letters. Be.
brand manifesto
We stand for you.
So here’s to who you are.
Here’s to embracing your diversity.
Here’s to all that makes you uniquely you.
Here’s to you, being you.
individual Be profile videos
It has been a privilege to meet these unique Singaporeans and understand why they do what they do. A truly inspiring journeys that deserves to be told to other fellow countrymen. Here's to you being you. Be.  
Jian Yang - Leading doll collector
Kate Yeo - Global greenfluencer and activist
Mary Ho - Rocker grandma
Mohd Shariff - Singapore blade runner
Tan Wei Tian - Teenage Teochew opera artiste
Malik Mazlan - Chinese calligraphy artist 
Surendran - Migrant worker turned national cricketer
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