tanglin press kit
Tanglin is one of the biggest budget Mediacorp soap drama which boasts more than 600 episodes. It tells a story of four sets of families living in Tanglin facing their daily slice of life. The Coffeehouse became a converging point for all the families where they share their pains and joys with each other. Let the game of life begin.
A calendar that mimics the Pantone Colour book for a printer based in Singapore. 
y&r compilation of work book
A heat sensitive cover that leave your prints on the surface. The idea was to convey how Y&R makes a mark with their clients and vice versa.
singapore cocktail week
With every sip of a cocktail, we are actually savouring a part of a mixologist's story. And in turn, we immerse ourselves into the craft and bring those stories to life by telling ours.
singapore road safety
Singaporeans are constantly in a rush. But when the road is involved, a lapse in judgement to speed or texting during commuting may end up with an undesired outcome.
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