dash it the right way
I created a design and illustration style playbook to showcase the visual identity for Dash's social.
dash it your way campaigns
Everyone has a unique use for the dash app. We provide unique tips for users to utilise the dash app to tackle multiple life hacks in a fun and comical way. 
valentine's day campaign
school break campaign
thursday trivia night
Singaporeans went into a daily workout phase during the circuit breaker lockdown. We took the opportunity here to create a different kind of workout. Make your brain sweat a little every thursday with dash's trivia night. This idea became a weekly staple for dash even after the circuit breaker.
dashing my way instagram filter
We created an interactive AR instagram filter where the user can use their nose to dash around multiple points. The filter was categorised into four unique features of the dash app (shopping, food, transport and remittence). As they dash their way around the circuits, the user can collect points and the fastest finisher will earn dash rewards. 
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